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Automobile Accident Attorneys


Automobile Accident Attorneys

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation data for 2010, Virginia had five million, five hundred thousand licensed drivers.  There were over 116,000 accidents, just over 740 people died. That means that you only have a .1% chance of being killed in an auto accident in Virginia.

While this is certainly good news, that doesn’t mean that driving in Virginia is a risk-free proposition. Out of these 116,000 car accidents, there were around 61,418 injuries that occurred as the result of a crash. While “injuries” can mean bumps and bruises, it can also mean “prolonged hospital stays,” or “paraplegia,” or any myriad of devastating and life changing injuries that can happen in a severe car accident.

When a car accident involves bodily injury, medical bills, or prolonged hospital stays, the rules change completely. As a rule, insurance companies will offer ridiculously low settlements, deny responsibility for certain elements of medical care or recuperation, demand unreasonable amounts of paperwork and medical history from the accident victims, or simply deny the claim altogether.

Victims of accidents with commercial trucks also face many difficulties in receiving fair treatment. A truck is not only capable of causing much more damage, but it often carries multiple insurance policies for the driver, the owner of the truck and the trailer, and the owner of the freight being shipped. All of these separate insurance companies will begin passing the buck, denying responsibility and shifting blame to the other, and all the while the medical expenses of the victim pile up to seemingly insurmountable levels.

Auto insurance companies do not want you to know that you have legal options. They are banking on what the injury victim doesn’t know. Considering that most people have no real knowledge of the law, insurance companies often make the lowest possible offer to policyholders. They usually make the offer in a manner that makes the injury victim think that he has no other option but to accept.

Similarly, commercial trucking insurers also don’t want Virginians to know that the law is on their side. Since trucks are commercial ventures that are using public roads and highways, they are under strict regulations in terms of capacity and operation. In fact, most trucking companies send investigators to the scene of an accident almost immediately, solely for the purpose of making sure that the driver keeps quiet. Insurance companies have teams of adjustors, investigators and attorneys who are charged with trying to limit the amount of compensation that you are entitled to recover. They have the ability to run background checks on you within hours of an accident to determine whether you have previously filed claims for personal injury or workers' compensation. This is all done with the intention to intimidate a victim into accepting significantly less than what his or her damages are worth.

The law allows recovery for past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, physical pain, mental anguish, and overall inconvenience. A truck driver that has ignored his daily driving time limits or a company that hasn’t performed proper and required maintenance on the truck could be found negligent. In short, accident victims are not simply required to accept what their insurers offer them.

Despite what the insurance companies tell you, every American has options. In Virginia, car and truck accident victims know to call the Chandler Law Group.

The Chandler Law Group: We Just May Be Able To Help You

Since we started our firm in 1982, we’ve made it a point to make sure that ALL of our clients needs are addressed. We talk with our clients and find out what their life was like before the accident, and what it’s like afterwards. We make sure that any involved parties or insurance companies know exactly what our clients have lost, and what they have suffered.

Our attorneys are dedicated to the well being of our clients, and we have the experience to handle a vehicular accident case, whether it’s a straightforward car crash or a complex truck accident with multiple insurers.

We have found that our professional reputation is an almost immediate benefit to our clients. Insurance companies know that we are a firm that only accepts real cases with real victims. Brad Chandler, Senior Partner of the Chandler Law Group, has been listed in the Best Lawyers in America ® Book, a comprehensive, peer reviewed resource book that is considered the definitive reference on the legal profession for 29 years. Mr. Chandler is one of only 68 lawyers in Virginia, of approximately 26,000, to have been listed every year since its inception in 1982. He has successfully defended the rights of hundreds of auto accident victims, and has personally handled a large number of truck and tractor trailer cases in his career. It is that experience that can make all the difference in your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, or have been injured in a car with a commercial truck or tractor trailer, contact our law offices for a free case assessment today.

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